CODIRECT is hosted by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.


Welcome to CODIRECT

CODIRECT is hosted by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

CODIRECT aims at developing technology platforms for delivering and releasing desired substances to the place and at the time of choice.

CODIRECT is part of the SP Competence Platform PERFORM, which aim is to strengthen SP's position in the formulation area through collaboration with strategic partners in academia and industry and to accelerate growth in formulation related projects. The vision of PERFORM is that SP shall become a leading international partner in the formulation field.


Research program

The overall program will further develop the science of the current platform technologies as well as supportive technologies such as characterization and analysis methods. » Read more...



CODIRECT and EXSELENT Symposium, Oct 24, 2013

»

Synthesis and modification of potential CO2 adsorbents: Amine modified silica and calcium carbonates

New doctoral thesis by Baroz Aziz, Stockholm University»

Bulk and Interfacial Properties of Cellulose Ethers

New doctoral thesis by Dr. Rasmus Bodvik, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)» Read more...

Tactile Perception - Role of Physical Properties

New licentiate thesis by Lisa Skedung, Royal Institute of Technology and YKI.» Read more...

Kontrollerad kemi mot nya visioner - Annons i Svenska Dagbladet, Juni 2009

CODIRECT:s framgångsrika forskning kring tillämpad ytkemi har resulterat i flera patentansökningar. Nu vänder centrumet blicken framåt med sikte på nya projekt och partner.» Read more...
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